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Amanda Goes to Las Vegas
Revised Edition

What's NEW: New Cover & Recipe Index

Released: October 2015

Book Overview

"There is nothing that the Millers love more than the Miller Farm in rural Indiana. They owned it for many generations. Thomas Miller is the head of the Miller family. He runs the farm almost single handedly except for a few farm hands. His only son, Tommy, left the farm years ago to join the military. Amanda is Tommy's sister. Her father instructs her to marry a local farm boy to bring back to the Miller farm to live. Eventually, Amanda moves to Las Vegas to get away for a while and was promised to be a "big time" star there."


This book is dedicated to love, family and marriage - and to a happily ever after.


About the Author

Nancy Dick "The day my manuscript was made it into a book, I took a trip to a local bookstore. I stood there looking at all of the books in front of me and said to myself, "You can officially call yourself an author!" I want to be one of the best writers there ever was for my sake and for those people that read and enjoy my books. I want people to come back again and again to read my books because there is something there that is meaningful to them. I want my work to touch the readers' heart in some way."

Nancy Dick is a graduate from Ball State University, in Indiana, with a degree in writing: journalism. And, she has a bachelors and masters degree in sociology from BSU as well. She also has a degree in art from Thomas Edison State College in New Jersey, just outside New York City. She has also been in the publications Powerlines of Rev. Robert Schuller. She graduated from high school from a parochial school: Nativity Of Our Lord in Michigan. Any religious reference in this book would come from that time and experience. Likewise, she has been an avid gardener since childhood which gave her a wide range of experience with the life of nature and gardening to reference this book: Amanda Goes To Las Vegas. She spent many years living in or near farming communities in Indiana where the popular yellow and green John Deere tractor dotted the landscapes as farmers plowed their farm fields.

Nancy's books

Amanda Goes to Las Vegas
See reviews on and Please write a review of your own after reading Amanda Goes to Las Vegas REVISED EDITION to show your love and support for this book about love and family. Has many recipes t...

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